Datsun Go Car Customer Care Toll Free Number, Service Center | Nissan Motor Dealers Office Contact Address

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Datsun Go Customer Care Number, Datsun Toll Free No. | Datsun Car Service Center, Complaints, Helpline | Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. Dealers Office Contact Address

Datsun is an automobile brand owned by the Nissan Motor Company.

Datsun Toll Free Number – 1800-209-3456

Datsun Cars Lists
Datsun GO

Datsun REGISTERED OFFICE Contact Address
Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
ASV Ramana Towers, 52, Venkatnarayana Road, T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone Number – +91-44-3088 6000/6001
FAX No. – +91-44-3088 6002

Datsun MARKETING & SALES OFFICE (Head Office) Contact Details
Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
4th Floor, Tower 3, Equinox Business Park (Peninsula Techno Park), off Bandra Kurla Complex, LBS Marg, Kurla (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra
Contact No. – +91-22-3014 000

Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 1, SIPCOT Industrial Park, Oragadam, Mattur PO, Sriperumbudur, Kancheepuram District, TamiNadu
Contact Number – +91-44-37199999

Datsun GO Customer Care Center
Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
ASV Ramana Towers, 37&38, Venkatnarayana Road, T.Nagar, Chennai

Datsun Email Addresses
E-mail id –
For Career opportunities Email id –
For Business opportunities Email –
For Marketing opportunities E-mail –

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12 comments on “Datsun Go Car Customer Care Toll Free Number, Service Center | Nissan Motor Dealers Office Contact Address

  1. Bramesh gandhir says:

    I buy Datson Go in Feb in Delhi not se car around 5 lac but its millage but after buying car I had seen company cheered about millage its giveing less then 50% milage the claim on advertisement . it’s agnist MRTPAct
    I wrote me mail to Delhi sales in charge I talk to him on phone but there is no reply from him.
    Before that I had taken to there workshop they test car , but I did not get millage there expert in Delhi test my car while I was sitting in car they got 12.5 KMPL .its chatting with buyer they should tel clear milage when go for media I don’t know what ideal standard they test there car and claim there millage but actal when on road even there best millage testing person can not more then 12.5.
    It’s clear case of cheering
    If u r finding same problem join me on face book its bramesh gandhir so we can fight toughter for this this.
    Can go for twitter for this
    It’s our hard money we put on car when buy
    If after sales co don’t want to bother what problem for car the coustmer faceing.IRS import for Indian buyer where every manufacturer thing Indian buyer are fool

  2. zanele buthelezi says:

    Dear sir
    My name is Zanele Buthelezi. I bought a car at Auto world motor dealer Newcastle a Opel corsa bakkie model 2007. In three weeks time ,the car faulted and I took it back to the dealership. It remained with the dealer for many months and the dealer was sending me from pillar to post. I then informed the ABSA bank, who approved the deal. From there ABSA informed Innovation Group,who sent the car to Hugo Booysen Auto and Mechanical maintenan. They found missfire ,check compression and found cylinder no 3 has no compression Remove cyl head and inspect and found carbon got stuck on cylinder no3 .inlet valve. Found 3 inlet valves bend. Sum plug is stripped and exhaust manifold is cracked. I attempted to speak with the dealer to cancel the contract,but in vain. To date the car is not functioning but I am still paying instalment every month. Please kindly assist.

  3. Kindly refer to the complaint No. C1510220018 wherein I have never requested to change body parts. As I have reported that many other parts are of inferior quality and in last one year twice some undisclosed parts have been changed in clandestine manner adding to suspicion on the quality of parts used by DATSUN & NISSAN. The attached mail from Nissan intimating that the body parts have been received & I may get it changed any time is the proof that it has been silently admitted that entire interior of the car was of substandard quality the company is keen to hush up the issue. I request Nissan to keep my car as Souvenir , and use it as test case keep improving the next models of Go or Go+ .
    I will be highly obliged if this 2014 model Datsun Go car is used a Guinea Pig in India.
    I hope it will be a great strategy to keep improving new models.
    Few more Suggestion to keep improving:
    1. Improve insulation rubber of car door to reduce cabin noise.
    2. Instead if the Chinese tyres start giving better tyres which do not make thundering noise.
    3. Better put extra fusion or rubber on shockers to absorb some shock at least.
    4. Improve the smoothness of gearbox so that the reverse gear do not get stuck.
    5. Obviously , as you are changing entire internal metallic and plastic body due to discoloration, do change it for all upcoming models.

    Request you to keep my car in Nissan Corporate office as a souvenir.
    Dear Team Datsun,
    It was a proud moment for you in April 2014 when you re-launched the brand after years with your new model Datsun Go. It was indeed a great moment that company of such repute has come up with new car in India and other countries. I was also excited to associate myself with Datsun and I purchased Datsun go on 4th April 2014 from ETCO NISSAN and was one of the first customers to take Delivery of Datsun in Navi Mumbai at the Launch banking upon the faith in the Brand.To enjoy best class I bought the highest version available that time with maximum accessories. Though Datsun did not even offer mud flaps or mats complimentary I bought all the available accessories hoping the brand us good and will stand by it’s name.
    It’s been more than year now and the engine of the car is performing well. The car has extended warranty of 4years. The service center and dealer has been servicing fine.
    The proud event has become an event of dismay within an year. Despite being such a good brand and introducing a powerful Engine the car the most disappointing thing in car was that the quality of interior and the metallic frame an the dash board is so poor that the colour of the car got faded in Jan 2015 and after that it’s been deteriorating each day. The discoloration has taken the entire charm of the car away. Earlier I didn’t take it seriously but apart from other deficiencies in car which Datsun may hay overcome in this year’s new version the discoloration of entire interior is a huge flaw and manufacturing defect. The complaint number is

    The service center has also taken the note of same and promised me every possible help. I have raised the complaint also though the dealer has been courteous and cooperative and has also raised the issue from his side too.I have complained earlier also.
    The moment I file a complaint or mail or provide genuine feedback that something is wrong, I start getting calls from various call centers of Datsun and Etco.I am asked a 25 minute feedback such a rubbish exercise that all the questions asked are framed in a manner that the customer is duped. The questions asked are closed ended in nature and only YES or NO as answers and if you are to rate it’s framed in 1 to10 points in a manner (In HINDI !!!)about only the service quality their etiquettes, their greeting style, their dress, their timely delivery and everything which can be mostly positive but nothing is asked about the car its quality, it’s mileage, its performance. Last option is given to customer to say something or narrate any grievance for a minute.. which is recorded or not is not clear.

    The car has been inspected many time.. In the past twice the car has been called by the dealer citing company wants to change some part may be some substandard. Once last year and again on 13Oct 2015 and it’s not revealed that what has been changed. On insistence it has been told that this time a space for Ac filter has been created which may be absent earlier.The changes are done is such a clandestine manner that it raises a suspicion on what inferior thing has been replaced whether it was security issue or wot God knows.I do not have any issues with the dealer or service Centre but have serious issues with the quality of sub standard material being used in car. The dealer did not offer even 1Rupee discount ,No freebies, not even a mud guard citing company doesn’t give anything and I agreed to it but can not tolerate poor quality of material in car despite paying upfront cash for everything.

  4. trivedi says:

    I have brought new Datsun Go plus car on 22nd october 2015 dealer panjrapole ahmedabad nd on that time sale represantative and also marketing manager commited/gave me offer for 2gram gold coin on datsun go plus. But still i didn’t receive. And again again they just Give me wrong commitment for gold coin.
    so its not good dealer. Nd i am not only one person. With me around 22 customer suffering for thes problem.

  5. Suhel Hashmi says:

    I request to Nissan group those are advertising the car Datsun Go
    plzzzz Nissan group don’t sell fake and don’t hurt ur customers ….why because I a the owner of Datsun Go car purchased it on 24th December 2014 from RNG NISSAN GROUP KANPUR UTTAR PRADESH and seriously tell u after 4 to 5 months of driving this car I hav faced problems a lot which are covered by Mr. Vishal Galhotra and Bramesh Gandhir sir about Nissan Datsun car….
    I hav trust on Nissan group and hope they will do something for my and rest people’s problem related to this car….
    Suhel Hashmi
    contact number:9357603759

  6. Shanthakumar says:

    I purchased the car in the month of Oct 2015 and vehicle got accident on 06th Dec 2015. We have given to service this vehicle on 07th of dec 2015 to shawar nissan, Bangalore. It is almost 13 days they have not done any repair to my vehicle , service centre telling they have not recd the Body parts to assemble and they dont have any commitment on this. It is really very poor service in supply of Datsun Body parts.

    I dont think will get good service in Datsun vehicle.

    Vehicle No: KA04 MQ 6533

    name : Shantha Kumar

    Phone No: 9008989014/9341408360.

  7. Megan says:

    Hello Datsun

    Please note that it with disgust and anger that this email is addressed. I had my car, Datsun Go serviced on Thursday 28 January at Imperial Nissan in Parrow at your servicing department. Your servicing team stole:

    1 x micro phone USB stick with all my music on
    1 x Kador socket set which is used for work in a blue case

    I want my stuff by Tuesday morning latest to be delivered to my address of my choice or I will go to the media and you can take your car back. Im not in the business of doing business with these. Datsun/Imperial Nissan is messing with the wrong person.

    My husband couldn’t work for two days, and will possibly not work Monday and Tuesday because his tools is missing. Who is going to compensate him for these days.

    I don’t want replacement stuff. I want my own stuff as it has sentimental value. I WANT MY STUFF and I want the thieves fired!!!!!

  8. Bal patil says:

    We are also not satisfied with u r service
    I have booked datsun go plus recently…… I realised that that u r service which is given by u r dear is soooooooooooooo bad….

  9. Ram Khelawan says:

    Sir, I was purchased Datsun Go + car on 05/05/2015. On 05/05/2015 when 8 returning from Allahabad near Nababganj car front left side tire bursted. This incident occurred only car totally run approx 5000 km, tire quality poor. Thanks god. I control car otherwise my children life , my self and others life be left. It is totally tire quality defefect and company compared with life. Please don’t do it with life.

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