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  1. jobsheet number:601125095001T001 phone give care date 12/01/2016
    phone problam flash light very lo
    Aman Enterprises aliganj road,opp.state bank of hyderabad tanda,ujjain,us nagar Kashipur-244713 Uttaranchai mobile:9837687846 email:icptelkashipur1@intexcare.in
    abhi tak mobile nahi miella ha plese give my phone
    bad service intex customer care
    ajj date 10/02/2016 ho gai ha abhi tak mobile nahi mella ha

    1. I have lost my intex Irist smart watch magnetic charging dock
      I contacted the near by service Centre in bhopal
      I m very disappointed with the type of response they gave
      It has been 2-3 weeks and they r still not responding properly
      I m desperately in need of the magnetic charging dock bcoz without it the watch is waste
      I would be very thankful if u kindly
      See to it and
      Make the charging dock available to me as soon as possible
      Plz contact through email

  2. I bought Intex Aqua Extreme phone on march 21,2015 EMEI NO. 911415700424177 and on December 16,2015 its screen broked. So, i gave it to the service Center on the above mentioned date JOB SHEET NO. 512161024009T001
    And then after 20 days i called the service Center and they told me that my phone is repaired and i could go there and receive it. It was January 4, 2016. I went to service center they gave me a second hand phone Intex Aqua 4g and told me that this is a new phone sent by company in replacement of my phone. But when i used that phone. It had some problem in it. So i gave that phone back to service center on the same day after 1 hour. And was told by to take the phone back the next day. But when i called service center on the day i was told, the replied that sir your phone is not yet repaired because of some issues. And i was called by service Center after 4 days ie: january 9, 2106 And when i went to Center i read all the configuration and worth of the phone which company was giving me was not at all a match to the phone i bought.

    So, before taking that phone i told the service center employe that i don’t want this phone as there is no comparison between both the phone my phones quality features wer much better than this phone. And its online price is ₹8000. And this is not a new phone so its value is just half of the new phone, ie: ₹4000 only. And intex company had insured my phone which worth ₹11500 to me. So, I don’t want this phone and want my phone back.. Or gave me a phone which is a worth.

    He told me that sir u keep this phone as standby. Till that time i talk to my boss and i will send a feedback to the company that the costumer is not satisfied by the phone you gave and when your phone will be back I’ll call you.

    After that, On January 20,2016. I called the service Center and asked him about the report of my phone. He answered me that he had talked to his boss Mr Novel chhabra who had told him that company cant give me my hand set back and i have to use the phone which had been replaced by the company only. So i called Mr Novel myself. He didn’t picked my phone for so long. Then he picked my phone at 3:30pm (is this a lunch time in any company) and said me that he taking his lunch. And he never picks his phone while eating. So i asked him, sir please tell me when do i call u then. He told me to call after half an hour. I called him so many times but he didn’t pick my phone.
    I also called costumer care but not a good response from there too. This is my caller id: 2016120174056660TFAX

    On feburary 2,2016 I got a mail from company that my phone is returned without repair on january 19,2016. I called to service center they checked in their system as well as i talked to Mr. Novel but he told that company is committing some false commitments.

    Then mr novel told me his email id which was wrong. After 1 day i got a call from service center and then i told him to send my mail to everybody. Then he forwared my mail to company and mr. Novel.
    On feburary 9, 2016 I got a phone call of mr novel in evening. That company could give me 60-70% amount back of my phone. And i told him that i can’t tell you anything right now. I’ll call you for this tomorrow morning.

    So, i said to him. I called him in the morning and i told him that i talked to my lawyer and he told me take the 100% amount back. But mr. Novel told me that company can’t give me the full amount. So, i wrote a email to the company to give me 100% amount back or my same phone back.

    Then i kept in touch with both company and mr novel.
    On feburary 17,2016 company i got a email from the company to send my phone’s bill in order to assist me further.

    Then, On feburary 18,2016 Mr Novel called me and asked me to send my phone’s bill photo on whats app as the company was giving me 100% amount back.

    After that i was being puzzuled that today we’ll give report tomorrow. And i mailed so many times to the company as well as i called so many times to mr novel. But he didn’t pick the phone or always told me that he’s talking to his boss for my case.
    On march 2,2016 i called him he told me that in 2 days my chueque will be processed.
    On march 10,2016 i called him he told me that he not getting the update, whenever he’ll get the update he’ll call me himself.
    And after that i called him regularly from march 14,2016 but he hadn’t pick my phone.
    On march 16,2016 he picked my phone and told me that the company can’t refund my payment and company can give a intex aqua ace model which would not be a new phone, it will be 7 days used. i told that i cant take that used phone. Then he told me ok than sir you can take it legaly.
    After some time i emailed the company. Ok i can take the phone if the company accept my formalities ie:
    1. Phone’s full warranty
    2. Phone’s Accessories
    3. In written that phone is only 7 days used
    4. Screen breakage warranty
    Than mr novel replyed me that company could only give me phone.

    As the company had insured my phone’s touch. If it breaks. The company will replace the touch. so it should give me the same phone either i want 100% amount back. If u can do any thing so, its well and good. Otherwise im going to consumer court with many other cases of other people in intex company which are not resolved till date.

    Manik Vohra
    Sanjeev kumar ( shiv shakti enterprises)

  3. Dear sir. I have baought a intex star 2. Emi no 911430504791135. Job sheet no 14221. Dated 7.3.16. Intex service center very very poor nd bad service in bathinda punjab. Vintage communication Intex service center very bad and bad service

  4. Sir aapka company bhut bekar hai service centre Waala ko baat krne ka tarika vi nhi paata or mera dost logo koy vi Intex na le plzzz

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