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MDSU University Ajmer Student Union election Details, Candidate Details, Post Details

The Student Union Election of Maharshi Dayanand University Ajmer operates Movement for Students Help. Maharshi Dayanand University Ajmer is among famous Universities of Rajasthan State. Student Union Election is very Important in MSD university Because if the election will not be held so how can student can solve their issue. MDSU university in two Union are famous, first is ABVP and Second is NSUI. So the student election is very useful for MDS university. Every year the MDS university department conduct the Election. The Union election areso Important activity in the University for the Student for particulatr institute.

Post details for Candidate Union of MDS university –

MdSU Ajmer president – ABVP
MDSU Ajmer Vice President – ABVP, NSUI
MDSU AJmer Secretary – ABVP, NSUI
MDSU Ajmer Joint Secretary – ABVP, NSUI
MDSU Ajmer Sports Secretary – ABVP, NSUI
MDSU Ajmer Cultural President – ABVP, NSUI
MDSU AJmer Cultural Secretary – ABVP, NSUI
MDSU Ajmer University Spoke person – ABVP, NSUI

Candidate Detail for Union election 2016 –

MDSU AJmer President Post Winner – Rajeev Khalbadniya
MDSU Ajmer Vice president Post Winner – Mahesh Kumar
MDSU AJmer General Secretary Post Winner – Pushpendra Singh Rathore
MDSU AJmer Joint Secretary Post Winner – Pramod kumar Gurjar

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