Mehandipur Balaji Tantrik Black Magic Pujari Mobile Number | Mehandipur Balaji Pandit ji Contact Number

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Mehandipur Balaji Temple is famous for saving people from Black Magic and Tantrik Kriya. Lord Balaji lives with Bhairav ji and Pretraj Sarkar. People come here for their Solution of Problems and Manokamna.

Any Person affected with bad Spirit will Start Rotating his/her Head. Balaji, Bhairavraj and Pretraj Sarkar can help from Black Magic and Evil Spirits. if any Person want to Solve their Problems then they Should Hire or Contact Pujari (Pandit ji) for Puja Path.

Hanuman Kavach is also grace of Mehandipur Balaji. Hanuman Kavach is made after various Pooja Path and Tantra Saadhana.

  • Pujari Mobile Number for Black Magic / Bad Spirit and Tantrik Problems Solutions in Mehandipur Balaji Temple – +91-9079202018

Process and Rules in Mehandipur Balaji Temple

  • Darkhast – Prashad of rs. 5 to offer Balaji, Bhairavraj and Pretraj Sarkar.
  • Arji – it is effective for 3 Years. It is prasad (current rate Rs.181) that contains 50 gm., clarified butter; 1.250 k.g., laddu for Balaji; 2.500 k.g., boiled ‘sabut uddad ki daal’ for Bhairavraj; and 4.500 k.g., boiled rice for Pretraj Sarkar. You Should Check Quantity.
  • Peshi – it is Prashad of Rs. 2 without Que during Aarti Time.
  • Aarti – Suffering Persons should Present during aarti Time.
  • Holy Water – Holy water is distributed after Aarti.

Benefits of Darkhast / Arji / Peshi / Aarti / Holy Water

  1. when you reach temple, to tell them that you’ve arrived for their grace
  2. for solving your problem
  3. for approving Arji
  4. for granting a wish (manokamna)
  5. for giving you an invisible bodyguard, that will come to you when you will invoke his help in the time of some problem, for example, further spirit or black magic attack

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